Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

dispatches from tally ho

 Quiet days. Had an offer of a little gig.. on a day when I was full of lessons so I couldn't take it up. Shame, I do need to play in public, you sort of lose your edge if you don't. Apart from that, blood tests results back -nothing abnormal, which is a relief- and still waiting for referral to specialist regarding my teeth/gums.  My friend from Vz is no longer coming over in July but in August instead. Life in the 'new' flat (I've already been here eight months!) is just fine, although i haven't found an adequate solution to the parking situation and there are weird things about the design and setup of this building; I can live with all that, however, thus far at least.

Today, only one lesson away at some point; probably will go out for a bit tonight, maybe to Schattenspiel (sp?) at the Elixir  but not sure I'll make Inferno; might go to Dead and Buried tomorrow as I haven't been for a long time. One or the other, though; the summer is proving a bit slow work-wise and I haven't been all that well of late, so I need to save both my pennies and my energy. In any case, probably see some of you at whichever I end up going to, D&B or Inferno. That'd be good.
Tags: life, stuff, week end

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