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Friday stuff.

 .. And it's Friday again, and thus nearly the week-end. Not that it makes an awful lot of difference for me, especially this time of year: I only have one hour's work today and I do have some teaching to do both Saturday and Sunday. Still nice, though.

Departure tonight at the Elixir, probably. At least for a little while -they're opening now until 3:00 am but I am on antibiotics again and therefore cannot drink any alcomahol -and I'm still a bit on the frail side so probably not staying very long.  There seem to be a few other things happening as well; Electric Dreams is now at the London Stone (but that's a bit inconvenient for me to get back from so probably will pass on that one). There are four or five other things happening. Whatever happened to the Little Black Book. ,Mr barbedwirekiss ? Ah, I see it's moved here

It's my birthday next week so it will be the now traditional flavbirthdaydinner at Bin Tang. I will need to know numbers of people coming, etc. After dinner, as usual, we'll decamp to Quinn's so if you cannot make the dinner you can join us there.  More details to follow.
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