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days come, days go

A rather good week-end, at least until Sunday morning when I had the tooth fail double act. Ended up in Vagabonds which was good, danced a lot. 

Still spending a lot of my time talking to my friend in Vz. She should be here  some time next week. visiting for a while.

Yesterday I went to the Sports Centre in Prince of Wales Road for the third time. First time was the induction, second was the 'focusing session'. Yesterday was the first time in my life that I go to a gym and run through a programme of exercises. Let's see whether I can get rid of a little bit of the beer belly (or is it the arepa belly) and avoid dying of a heart attack in three years' time. The intention is to go three times a week during holidays and two and perhaps three if I can manage the time, during term time. We'll see, many things may get in the way, like looking after my visitor for the next few weeks, for instance. We'll see.

Today, a new pupil (a very good lesson), another visit to the dentist that in the end was quite inconclusive....
Tags: health, life, stuff

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