Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Of featheredwings's birthday meet and other things

It was a very good evening at the Lounge Bar (hm, that's not its precise name but can't remember now), to celebrate featheredwings's birtrhday last night. Bit of a rush to come down from Watford where I had been teaching and trying to find out whether there were any news about my cat -the Micho has been missing for ten days now... :(

A small but select (!) crowd, some faces I hadn't seen for a while and was good to see again, like cyber_child, glamgothruthy.. also emmelinemay, ingenue_the, a few others and of course bericand the birfday girl herself...

then some of us b*d off to Dead & Buried which was good. There was much meeting people although not that much catching up with them (but circumstances are often not propitious for this in a noisy club anyway), some of whom I hadn't seen for quite a while, like ninshubur and maddy.. I even danced a bit (I hope there is no documentary evidence of this....)

today has been more sedate, with a rehearsal with a flamenco guitarist who thinks we can get some music together and sell the act to get us to play in places. This would be good, we'll see whether it works... it looked an unlikely match at first but some stuff that was coming out was interesting and fun to play. We'll see....

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