Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

re crossposting livejournal comments new 'feature'

 Who thought it was such a good idea to allow cross-posting of comments (even of comments on friends-only entries) to Facebook and Twitter? What were they thinking of? Has the Spirit of Zuckerberg taken over Livejournal? If I want something to appear in Facebook I will put it on facebook. If I keep something in Livejournal and, furthermore, if I make an entry friends only, it is for a reason. I'm not going to threat to defriend anyone who reposts a comment made on an entry of mine on to Facebook but if it is a comment to a friends-only entry I would thereafter treat them with the extreme suspicion due to somebody who has no clue about other people's rights or personal space.

The comments (overwhelmingly negative) in relation to Livejournal's announcement of this 'feature' are running to 105 pages and counting.  I have written to feedback@livejournal.com to express my concern and request the withdrawal of this 'feature'. If you, too, feel this way I would encourage you to do the same.
And yes, this entry will indeed appear in Facebook, I specifically want it to -but not having control over whether something I write here or what may follow in response to it appears in other media is a very, very different thing.
Tags: livejournal vagaries

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