Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


 Did manage to go to Dark Mills Festival yesterday for a bit. Attended just one of the talks, saw a couple of bands, caught up with a few folk and, all in all, had a lot of fun, although I did come back early -I seem to be getting very tired very quickly in the last few days, something's not entirely right. There'll be pictures through the usual channels but I have to first  sort through them -took over five hundred pics, silly me.

Again, found that just one small alcoholic drink would trigger a horrendous heart-burn. No, I don't think I have an ulcer or anything like that, but I do think I'm a bit stressed again -the whole story with  recent events in my life (mostly good but still stressful), the end of the hols, the currently rather fragile state of my finances (we'll call it finances for lack of better word..). All of which will pass,of course and I'm basically ok, just stressed and skint.

On the same vein, I may need to sell a couple of things to tide things over, like my compact camera (which I never use these days since, as my long-suffering friends know, I have a 'proper' camera and for other occasions the iiPhone covers most of what I wanted the little camera for. It is a Canon PowerShot SX120 and it's quite good;  if you think you might be interested giz a bell. No idea yet how much I 'd be asking for it.
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