Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


 I've been in my 'new' flat for a little over a year. This shows in several ways, apart from the scuffs on the paint in the  hallway. The cap of one of the kitchen sink faucets has fallen off. The screws that hold the shower glass are slightly loose in their sockets and the pane wobbles. And the bathroom air extractor is giving up in strange ways, starting and cutting off at random... there are all sorts of little glitches with the building's lifts, doors, the tiles in the courtyard and a section of ceiling in the second floor fell off, leading to the stairs being cordoned off for a few days with a lonely looking bucket underneath the dripping pipe plainly in sight...

I 'bought' the right to be in this place for the next 99 years. Much as I would like to exercise that right....
Tags: home sweet home, tally ho

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