Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

A bit quiet round here in LJ-land today.

Didn't go out last night, just stayed in reading and watching movies and talking to people on the internet. Must finally be getting old. Oh, ok, had got old already a long time ago.. In any case, I was feeling quite low in energy -and funds, so decided to stay in. No, I didn't watch V for Vendetta again.

Friday night went to Inferno for the first time in perhaps six months or so.  Had a very good time, danced like a loon -can I do that any other way? was watching Obama on TV dad-dancing and I was thinking -this guy is over fifteen years younger than I am, better not to think what I look like when I dance. No, please don't tell me. Anyway, yes, Inferno; caught up with some lovely people -in spite of all which, at some point had the old fit of loneliness-in-crowds hit me, felt quite apart and not part of it. I know exactly what triggered and it is quite trivial and unimportant. In any case, overall had a very good night.

Today, leisurely breakfast just finished, now off to the gym (no, really) for an hour or so and then to a couple of lessons. 
Tags: life, week end

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