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... and the skies opened, and it rained for forty days and forty nights...

Scary drive to Surrey this morning. Left at five past six (it is so wrong, soo wrong, six in the morning should not exist). Very often couldn't see at all what was in front of me but I knew that on at least one side and behind I had enormouly humongous lorries making the earth shake as they went past from the grey nothingness behind into the grey nothingness in front and probably not seeing me at all, while burying me under the spray. Then after Junction 11 of the M25 (nearly there, it is only a couple of miles to St George) it took me nearly 40 minutes to get to the place.

Nobody told me that this guitar teaching lark involved dealing with so much paperwork and bureaucracy, with taxmen and accountants, being skint nearly always (well, I did rather suspect that one was the case) and, worst of all by far, having to get up at obscene hours and drive through that end-of-the-world soggy twilight for two and a half hours to do a few hours' lessons...

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