Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

London after midnight...

... no, not them!

But rather the BBBT (beric's Birthday Bus Tour of London) last night, after meal at Tiger Lil's in Islington. Beric had rented an open top tour bus and we went on a magical mystery tour of London (we won't mention the toilet stops...)

It's amazing how different London looks from that up high, in the open, at night (and with a bunch of people who rather vocally expressed their joy..), all the things that you often don't see in streets that you thought you knew well. Also very good talking to ingenue_the -she enlightened me with quite a few fascinating bits of East London history which left me curious and wanting to know more. It was fantastic. It was also, alas, rather cold up there!

After this I went to lydiamorgan and chris_damage's Strength Through Joy, danced for a couple of hours, said hellos and howareyous to lots of people (good to see you again, maddy) and finally went home, thinking that, yes, London is home. I'm not going anywhere, I love this city, dirty and chaotic as it is.

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