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long day

 It was a long day. At least for me. 

I have mentioned before that I don't seem to have any energy of late, which I have been blaming it on the winter. Also on stress, the sources of which I cannot really do much about at this point. It is true that as we had a sunny day with blue skies yesterday I was suddenly much more awake (well, ok, let's not exaggerate; about 35% awake as opposed to the  normal 20% these days) and with it. Not that I achieved a lot while I was in that rare state but I did have a good work-out at the gym and even practised some guitar instead of collapsing in the sofa after lessons.

Today, like most Thursdays, started for me at 8:00 am roundabout the  back of Tufnell Park for my early lessons there. Well, no; it started with me trying to wake up and get up at 6:30 so I could be there on time for the lesson (I do need some extra time in the mornings...). An assortment of lessons here and away throughout the day and only finished at 8:30 tonight. Part of me wishes I was as busy every day. Another part of me realises that I would be dead in no time, were I to be as busy every day....
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