Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

the first utility saga, part 234 of many

 Took many months to get First Utility, who provide most flats in this building with electricity and gas, to acknowledge that there might be a problem with my gas meter, its readings or its billing. I pay more for gas in this tiny 36 m2 studio flat than we used to at the old, five times larger, four bedroom flat I used to live at before, with two or three other people in it. Eventually after over a year or so of this they issued a £400 credit, which is still running, as they might have been billing from the wrong meter. There had been another issue, a bill addressed to me, right property, wrong post-code, different account number (but it would seem to be the same meters)  according to which I had never paid my bill and owed them £1300 and pence. I called them, alarmed as you would be, and they said 'sorry sir, mistake; will be rectified'.  Today I have just received another bill for that second account number. It would seem that I have never paid my bill and I better pay them now those £1400 and pence or else.

If you were thinking of switching suppliers and were considering First Utility.... what can I say, I can't recommend them enough. Er, meaning really that I cannot recommend them at all!  So much hassle over this! Over a year of this saga and still going...
Tags: hassle, house

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