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First Utility and doppelgänger flavio - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
First Utility and doppelgänger flavio
The saga with First Utility, the people who supply electricity and gas to most of this building and the ghost second customer account, continues.

I had received a rather worrying letter to the effect that I hadn't paid any bills at all since I moved here (this to that second account number; right name and address, slightly misspelled postcode)  and I started looking into this and wasting a fair amount of time on the phone to them as there had been also a problem with over-billing and possibly a case of mistaken meter being read, after which they credited my account for well over £400 (not admitting to anything, those companies never do, 'good will' blah, blah..), had an email from FU telling me that "the details in the  first account number were correct" (this is the one I knew about and paid every month) but the reading on the second account number were the correct ones.

I have now received yet another bill to that second account number now... now well over £1500 ‘overdue’ according to this. And the readings seem to be identical to those in the ‘real’ account number. More hassle in my future over this, no doubt. And I’m charged way more for the gas supply in this tiny 36m studio flat than we did at the old four bedroom, two level flat in KTR.. what gives?

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barbedwirekiss From: barbedwirekiss Date: February 26th, 2011 11:13 am (UTC) (Link)
If you have paper bills for your 'real' account and payment slips, possibly bank statement, that show that these have been cleared then you are in the best position.

Suggest you contact the Citizens Advice Bureau about it, and maybe also OFGEM the watchdog/ombudsman for the electricy and gas companies.

Sounds like FU have made a royal FU and their accounting department are asleep on the job.

Good luck, best wishes.
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