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another week-end - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
another week-end
Another week-end comes to an end. This one was rather quiet, although not exempt of things happening. On Friday I went to the opening of the exhibition by a group of young artists at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancras' Church, which was very interesting -and also a buzzing social occasion. After that I went to morbidfrog 's birthday drinks in Quinn's, of which there are a few photos I took, here. My original plan was to go to Inferno after but, having the camera with me didn't seem like a good idea and, alas, coming back to my flat to drop it resulted in my finding myself unable to leave my cosy warm flat for the freezing London night outside.

On Saturday I went to squirmelia 's birthday drinks at the Bricklayers Arms,which was fun. It is good to share a friend's special day.

Today... not a lot; went to the gym, which as I may have mentioned  I really hate, but is good for me so... I did a few lessons and now finished Season 4 of Babylon 5. Everybody seems to be n agreement that that is the end of the story and that Season 5 is rubbish. I might watch that anyway. But I do need my time to practise the  guitar properly at some point rather than to watch TV shows.

Haven't seen the news for a couple of days, I suppose the world hasn't changed a lot in two days.

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chimera_s From: chimera_s Date: March 7th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
Season 5 is effectively the sweepings off the cutting room floor.
(B5 was originally intended to last 5 years (seasons) - however part way through season 4 Warner Bros informed Straczynski (Writer/Producer) that they were cancelling the series at the end of season 4. So he had to wrap up two years worth of Plot in one season (that had already been partly filmed) - so he managed to sort out the main plotlines only for Warners to Change their minds after he'd finished and they then authourised Season 5. Of course he'd finished off the major threads and so Season 5 was an anti climax)
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