Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

  • Mood:

speck of dust in the void

Still struggling to make sense of being thrown into this chaotic, unjust world based on the struggle for survival and the survival of the strongest or the wiliest, not the most honest or the kindest, a world that spins its way towards oblivion and the heat death of the universe, I still have to get up at ridiculous times, put myself in a metal box and throw myself at ninety miles an hour across the city through many dangers to teach guitar to a bunch of kids in a rich kids' school, just so that my landlords can get their rent direct debit through every fifth of the month, while the world at large continues its overheated spin, the Arctic snow melts, the ozone layer fizzles out, cities overburst with poverty and crime and suffering, the dealers of death with god on their side torture and kill somebody because god told them to. And George Bush gets re-elected by the American people (or, rather, just enough of them), also largely on the basis that god told them to...

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