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things i'm reading and watching at the moment..

+  A couple of things I'm reading at the moment:

• 'A Clash of Kings' , by G R R Martin (grrm  in lj), the second of the 'Songs of Ice and Fire' books, on which the series 'Game of Thrones' is based.

• 'The Cello Suites' , by Eric Siblin, a biography of Bach centred around the Six Cello suites.
still reading • 'El Chavismo como Problema' by Teodoro Petkoff. and beginning to have a look at 'Al-Jazeera, or how Arab tv news challenged the world' (bought from sinbadsilk  at the Alternative Bring and Buy), both of these real paper books-finding it takes me much longer to read actual paper books, since ebooks go with me everywhere in the iPad so can read bits of things in the Underground or in the park or whenever I have ten minutes, whereas you have to remember to take the paper book with you, etc.

+ A couple of things I'm watching at the moment:
• 'Games of Thrones'  / I am, of course, much further ahead in the story, being halfway through the second book, than the TV series but it s very well made. And I do still think that if a story is good it shouldn't matter whether you know how it will end. 

• 'The Event' -it's no Battlestar Galactica, it is rather weak on occasion  but it still has a very good premise and is very good at times.
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