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long week-end

... didn't go anywhere far this week-end as there were a few lessons that needed doing. And seemed to have got confused and missed at least one birthday I would have liked to attend; instead, ended up at Vagabonds, which was good although I don't really like the venue -too much of a split between the 'social catch-up' bit and the dance floor. Even if it is more convenient for me to get to. And then at the Slimelight, where I hadn't been for a while and which was actually quite a good night, which made me think I might return a little more often -although not too often, not every Saturday like ten years ago, for sure.

I seem to have caught some sort of weird bug, wonder whether I have a bronchial infection as I have a strange smell/taste in my mouth which seems to come from my chest, feel generally down although there aren't flu symptoms or pain... oh dear, have I already got to the point where I make conversation out of my ailments? Not yet, not yet please!:D
Tags: health, week end

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