Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

sunday evening

Week end was rather quiet. Apart from a friend's birthday party yesterday, basement flat below a shop in Hoxton with big plastic (or plaster) horse (which I didn't ride, but people did), drum kit (fun), skittle vodka (dangerous), alcomaholic punch (very very dangerous). Apart from that, and from spending several hundred quid and some stress in having the car fixed, not a lot. Lessons yesterday, lessons today, reading, playing the guitar, reading.

Ah, yes; reading. Still reading grrm 's 'ice and fire' books, now on the third one. Enjoying them, the only thing is... they are so relentlessly dark and somber, horrible things happen rather very often. Not that different from Roger Waters' The Wall, then. And that so was a very good show, the highlight and redeeming feature of an otherwise tiring, stressful, expensive week. Hm, there's a reason why I ended up hanging out with goths, innit.
Tags: week end

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