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flavdiary on a wednesday

• Got up at 6:30 to go to my lawyer pupil's lesson; he can only do the lesson in his place at 8 am; normally on Thursdays but had to do Wednesday this week. Have another lesson away in a short while and... nothing more, two cancellations today.

• The old macbook is playing up; the backlighting cuts out at certain angles and it is getting worse by the hour. I might be able to fix it with patience and... patience, and the right spare parts, but I don't feel I want to do that and risk killing the machine. Will have to investigate how much the repair would be, and the turnaround. I need it for my lessons. Could conceivably use the iPad for that but it would be awkward and convoluted.

• Not practising enough guitar, don't seem to find the time and energy. Had had a good run for a few weeks.. will have to find both the time and the energy, though, have a little private recital coming soon. They will pay to hear me play the guitar, not moan about not being able to practise, so...
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