Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

saturday notes

Had a good time last night at Schattenspiel and then Inferno at the Electric Ballroom. Danced a lot. It also was good to run into morriganhel and Adrian, the Swede yesterday. He said he'd be in Venezuela on Tuesday, to play with the band at a festival there. Made me think, I only seem to go to Vz every four or five years... way too seldom and, in the meantime, life flies past, quickly.

cracksmacker was asking me last night what sort of music I listened to at home, when I'm relaxing. And the answer is... not a lot. I tend to listen to music a lot more while in the car, even though acoustically it is a terrible environment to listen to music, but one in which there is a different sort of immersion into the music than at home, where I'm always doing something. These days I'm listening to a lot of Scandinavian post-rock (so called), Sigur Ros, Fever Ray, that sort of thing. Was listening for a fair bit to Pink Floyd/Roger Waters -The Wall after I saw the gig a couple of weeks ago. And a lot of Skinny Puppy and the like when I go to the gym. Stompy industrial seems to help channel the rage that that place seems to produce in me :D -I also listen to a fair bit of early music, mostly English renaissance lute music.. curiously, not a lot of classical guitar music these days, it feels a little bit like work, as that's what I do! Not much goth music either.

Ok, off to lessons ....
Tags: music, stuff

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