Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

from one cup of coffee to the next

 Great fun last night at  asw909 's and Daisy's party -even sober! Ok, I was lazy and drove there, after checking the journey back on TFL's web site. Bailed out quite early (about 1:00 am) as have to do a lot of lessons today and also need some time for guitar practice.

Finally finished reading the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.. Beautiful book, with curious resonances for me in spite of the very different cultures and circumstances in the book, me being, too,  the child of two outsiders in the environment I was growing up and the counterpoint between the story I knew of my father and that which was only hinted at at times, the horror of being involved in the war, even if it was, like the Italian campaign in WWII, a geopolitical joke, but not at all a joke for those involved or touched by it. And a similar, if less dramatic, counterpoint with my mother and her story..

Now coffee and bacon arepas.. Good morning!
Tags: books, life, stuff

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