Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

sunshine, scales, books, coffee

Sunny sunny morning, I likes!

Watching Euro News while finishing my last coffee and doing scales on the guitar -have to practise a bit for a little private gig later this week. Coffee courtesy of a Lavazza pod machine I bought from the sale bin at Tesco's -who no longer stock the capsules, but you can get those in Waitrose or online. A little expensive but perfect coffee every time... I do have a 'normal' espresso machine but the Lavazza produces so much better espresso..

Reading A C Clarke's '2010...' I had only ever read the original 2001, Space Odyssey. Not sure what to make of the sequel yet. I see there's a whole raft of follow-ups as well. Also reading (while I do scales, often) the less complex Dragonriders series by Anne McCaffrey, which I had read back in the '90s and was fascinated by then. After being immersed in the universes of Battlestar Galactica and Songs of Ice and Fire it does feel a little tame, more aimed at younger readers , but I'm enjoying them nonetheless. They do seem to hold my attention more than the Clarke 2001 sequel.
Tags: books, coffee, stuff

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