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 Just back from the gym (which I still hate) and the swimming pool (which I still enjoy,even though some woman kicked me in the face as she went zooming past. In the slow lane. The indignity of it...).

Now to await the delivery by Ocado, which is no more than an experiment. It would be cheaper and less hassle to drive over to Waitrose or Sainsbury's  to get my shopping but in the near future I might have to consider giving up the car (have I bored you guys with that little bizarre circumstance that could only arise living in London?) so have to try out various experiments to see whether I can actually make do without a car. At the moment, as a third of my lessons involve me driving to the pupil's, the answer is no, I can't, but this may change and I must prepare for it. I'm working on it. I also joined Streetcar, but cannot see that as a replacement when I need the car for work. Yes, I already did the sums and when I ran into a couple of the extra charges when I joined, I realised it would be even more so.

Mind you, I still enjoy living in London and couldn't contemplate moving anywhere else.
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