Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

 All quiet  in Kentish Town tonight, apart from the frequent sirens of police cars, this time going northwards towards Highgate. And several fire engines just left the fire station next door. Apart from that, luckily nothing to report in these parts.

Had a stroll around Camden Town earlier in the day; it wasn't quite as bad as I'd feared, although of course it's not good -half a dozen shops, possibly including the Electric Ballroom, with their glass front smashed. We do seem to have been spared a Croydon situation, at least. There goes yet another police car northbound... 

Increasing the police numbers in the way London did today seems to have worked, but it cannot be a permanent measure. 

Worrying situation, one that has to move to reflection -why does a society like this, still one of the richest in the  world,  produce children that set out to destroy their environment like that?  And some of the simplistic answers and solutions that people come up for what is undoubtably a very complex situation that has been brewing for a long time are themselves worrying. 

No quoting The Clash, btw. 
Tags: life, london

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