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the tail end of the summer holidays.. - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
the tail end of the summer holidays..
Morning. Got up twice today. First at 7:30, woke up after a very long detailed dream in colour which I tried to type down to put in my dream blog later, did the little toothbrush and the big toothbrush thing, had coffee, checked mail and news, commented on the e-petition about teaching of creationism in schools , etc then sat to listen to something on Radio 4.. it was some panel discussion at the LSE about Keynes and Hayek's economic policies and how one of them was absolutely right and the other one was a moron. Which one, of course, changed depended on who was talking. Ok, so I'm more on the Keynes side, surprise surprise. Unexpectedly (really?), I fell asleep during this and woke up one hour later….

Ok, so started all over again, did the toothbrush thing (but not the interdental thing this time), shaved (which I hadn't done first time round) and had an arepa with buffala mozzarella (the autocorrect just turned 'buffala' to 'buffalo'. No, no no no no…) and more lovely coffee that you would hate, from the Lavazza machine…. Now, guitar, later gym and a couple of lessons.

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