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Ok, still waiting for things to go back to normal after the end of the summer but it's taking a while. Most of my pupils are still away, a couple are not coming back at all -one moved away, another is in rather more dire money straits than I am, etc. At this time of year I expect a small flurry of enquiries for lessons -so far, it hasn't happened at all. Not a single enquiry, which is a bit worrying. It may be all the talk about the economy still going through the floor, etc.

It also means I've had a fair bit of free time, unexpectedly. Haven't used it wisely, I'm afraid, apart from putting ads in newsagent's windows (but that doesn't really work for what I do, there's always somebody down the road charging half of what you do. Whatever what you charge is, actually) and a couple of things of that nature. I have been reading a lot, finally finished 'The Children of Hurin', by Talkien, 'Slaughterhaus 5' by Vonnegut, which I had never read, some Sci-Fi thing by Poul Anderson and currently The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking et al. Thinking apres event that maybe I should put Wikipedia links rather than Amazon, they already had my money..

I have also been playing with Tumblr here and here; ok, it's not livejournal, for sure but may have its uses. It can be made pretty very quickly but I still can't believe you put up a blogging platform where you have to bolt un a commenting solution because it comes with none built in. Also have been putting some old music doodles up in Soundcloud, here.
Tags: books, life, music doodles, stuff, this guitar teaching thing, wasting time on the internet

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