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tweet - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
Finally got around to stopping following all those people I know in Twitter who I'd been following for a (in some cases long) while, had replied to their posts and sometimes they'd replied back, know in person and call friends and in many cases are in my f-list here (and I in theirs) and in FB but who never followed back. I know Twitter is supposed to work differently but it still is a little disconcerting, as if whatever I might have to say on Twitter was (even ) less interesting than what I might have to say here, for instance. I find it very strange. If I follow a public figure I don't care whether they follow me back, I don't know them. If I follow somebody I call a friend it is kind of different; they probably won't be posting stuff of any more transcendence than I will, probably just what they had for breakfast, what happened at work and what music they're listening to. Well, I'm still interested if I care for those people and it is, well, disconcerting to feel that it could be a one-way street. So I better stopped, and I did. For any that care, I'm still on twitter, I'm not difficult to find.


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