Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


This must have been a week-end of many records, including the warmest beginning of October, etc. in the very long time I've been here. It also was a record skint flavio time -normally the end of the summer is very quiet for me work-wise but that should have been over a month ago! So there were no clubs or parties, much, this week-end for me, but rather trying to get some revenue in to avoid waking up enormously over my o/d limit (as in overdraft, hey) today. Which I managed to avoid, just about.

My only social this week-end was the last edition for the year of the Hampstead Alt. picnic organised by londonjon. Fab as always, pictures I took in a FB album, here.

And so we plod on through life. Today, lessons now, maybe some gym+swim if I can squeeze the time, then more lessons in the evening.
Tags: life, picnics, stuff, week end

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