Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

I had mentioned something here about how busy it was going to be on Friday. Guess what. Did try to sort out the newspaper advert but didn't get a better deal (not even remotely) with the CNJ (sounds like some pacifist organisation with a hippie logo, doesn't it), the guy who was coming for a rehearsal didn't come, my friend K who I was going to have lunch with came down with a migraine and my Russian friend was not well either so NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. The meal at na11e1y and matt_the_mo's , though, was fantastic. Truly excellent. Chilaquiles, mole, beans and a beautiful rice (but describing them like that doesn't remotely do them justice), washed with beer home made by Matt -which might sound terrible but it was in fact very very good). An excellent evening -and thanks to Nallely and Matt for having me.

Saturday was a mixed bag, with lessons cancelled but some gym and swim instead. In the evening, beric's birthday drinks at the Earl of Essex. This was another excellent occasion with lots of lovely peeps many of whom I hadn't seen for quite a while.

Sunday involved lots of lessons, which is a good thing and the way every normal day should be for me... in any case, no clubs this week-end,mostly because I was skint but also because there were other things happening -good things.
Tags: stuff, week end

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