Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Those 5:30 am rises. More coffee is needed.

Also, have just realised why (perhaps) the world of Neal Stephenson's 'Anathem' grabbed me so much. I have been having for many years a sort of recurring dream-theme (rather than a recurrent dream, as there are very many variations of the dream) that is very similar to the many-world-tracks culminating scene in the book. A comprehensively terrifying dream that makes me wake up trying to forget it or trying to write it down immediately. No more details in case somebody's about to read the book, as it would be a bit spoilery.

Also have had a mild but annoying back-ache for a few days now, something between my shoulder blades in the upper third of the back, I suspect bad sleeping position (maybe I lean hard against the headboard while I'm trying to figure out the world-track in my recurrent recursive dream..) but not sure.

Already 06:16 am? Good morning, silent world outside...
Tags: books, dreams, early rise, life.

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