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This year I put up a little xmas tree, a table top one -there's no room in the flat for anything bigger. I hadn't put a christmas tree since I was a kid, so a little out of practice with these things. Like, I ended up putting the lights last of all so it looks a bit sort of strangled.

A couple of weeks ago I had started to read 'Hitch 22' then stopped to .. read 'Anathem' again, and then I finally got started with the 5th book in grrm's 'Ice and Fire' series, Dance with Dragons. Once I finish this -if you can talk about 'finishing' a book that will not have an ending- will go back to Hitch. There's a little practical problem, one that I would not have foreseen a couple of years back: I've got used to read ebooks a little bit too much: I mostly read whilst on public transport and very late at night in bed. I bought Hitch's book in paper form. I already carry so much stuff with me, when out and about doing my guitar lessons -guitar, laptop computer, a couple of kilos of music.... if I already have the iPad or kindle or indeed the phone (the iPhone makes for a quite decent ebook reader) I don't really want to carry seven hundred pages of book as well. I'm loath to buy the thing again in ebook format.... yes, yes, I know; there are ways, but...

Same little problem (if it is a problem) with the Isabel Allende book my sister brought me. Started it, got some twenty five pages into it... and there it's stayed, four weeks on. that is in Spanish (and why would I want to read it in English) and you probably cannot get it in ebook format.

On the other hand, I do like physical books, the feel of them and even having them on display, it's a bit like declaring to the world something about who you are. You can't do that with ebooks...
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