Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

It is awfully quiet today, isn't it.

I had a quiet one with Venezuelan friends in Kent; traditional Venezuelan xmas dinner late on the Eve (Venezuelan apart from the Xmas pudding, which is not really that typical, say, in Caracas) and stayed with them in the day yesterday. Forgot to bring the part of the enormous roasted leg of pork that was offered me and the rest of the Pandoro, between which I could have fed myself for the next couple of months. There was a certain amount of alcohol involved, as although my friend doesn't drink at all, that doesn't apply to the rest of the family.

Today is the Great Boredom Day, I suppose. And the sales, but I don't think I will be rushing to buy anything in a madly crowded shop in Oxford St and without tube trains to bring me back. I think I'll stay here and probably finish 'Dance with Dragons' today. Maybe pub tonight if there is a reasonable one open near and peeps that I can meet there.
Merry Crimbo to you! Hope you all had a good one.
Tags: xmas

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