Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

OK, haven't achieved an awful lot while here... and still haven't been to the beach(I'm not much of a beach person but after all the 'pina colada on the beach on xmas' maybe I should go. It also feels like a waste if I didn't go after coming from our cold, grey soggy island). But I may have sorted out the situation with my flat, have seen friends I hadn't seen for many years, eaten and drunk perhaps a bit too much, tormented people with demos of my music and generally had a good time.

Next two days will be the dreaded family christmas thing.. then more encounters with friends, one more little push to try and sort out some knotted little problems I've found here and then... fly back to Londinium and the cold. It's all a bit strange but good so far. There'll be millions of photos but alas, no beach pics and with some interesting things/places I've seen here it would not have been a good idea to pull out a camera. So you really will have to take my word that a gigantic space ship full of green aliens came down and abducted Hugo Chavez (the current president of Venezuela and a strange mixture of left wing radical and old-style South American ex-military man) and substituted a demented Martian in his place....

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