Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Just finished reading grrm's 'Dance With Dragons'. We'll see what I think when the next book comes out, but at this point I feel like I might not bother, even though this one is a very good read; I felt the ending of this (already the fifth book in the series) was very unsatisfactory and begins to feel like the series could stretch out into the horizon, book after book after book, without it ever resolving. [ Edit ] And already on the fifth book and the two main lines of the plot have only only begun to unfold but only just and so, so very slowly.

It wouldn't be a spoiler, I reckon, to say that at some points (one, in particular) you feel like shouting "Noo! How could you kill that character!" -someone you thought was central and indispensable to the story and without whom, etc; we already know things like this are going to happen in a book of his.
Tags: books, games of thrones, ice and fire

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