Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

in bed with a bug

I had a very heavy second week of term. Ok, I whinge a lot about the early-early start, etc but it never feels so bad in only the second week of term. I think I have an idea now. Today I woke up shivering and feeling as if I had been beaten up and had had a couple of bottles of whisky last night. Not a lot definitely hurts but it doesn't feel pleasant.

Now resting -cancelled lessons today, have been mostly sleeping, reading a little bit and playing with Notion on the iPad (although I suspect any music I write right now will be rubbish). I need this, whatever it is, to go away quickly -can't afford to fall ill. Sorry if I said I would attend your party/birthday/event.

ION, but probably related, tonight I have started the central heating for the first time this winter... even though the weather pages don't' show it to be particularly cold for the time of year.
Tags: health, life

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