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This was my half-term week. Instead of getting up at 11 every day, as was my original plan (and certainly the cheaper option) I flew off to Alicante to see my cousin yira_iliada who had had a baby a couple of months ago. Had a lovely couple of days over there, it was very good to meet the little one and share a little time with Ili and getting a little sunshine, even if wasn't really much warmer over there.

Travelling to the airport in the early morning on Tuesday turned into a nightmare when going up the M11 signs overhead tell me that the whole motorway is closed ahead of me. What followed was an hour of going around B-roads trying to find my way to Stansted, not knowing my way around there and not getting signal for the iPhone's GPS. In the end, I made it on time, just, in time to have a coffee with beric who was off to Germany on a business trip.

One thing I must try and remember is never to fly with Ryanair unless there is absolutely no alternative.
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