Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Books I'm currently reading (or just finished):

- 'God is Not Great- the case against religion' by Christopher Hitchens (amazon link). Hitch makes an even stronger case against god and religion than Dawkins, perhaps without some of the arrogance of the latter.

- 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson (amazon link). I tried this one before and didn't even finish it. Since I liked Anathem so very much I thought I'd give it another try -and try and finish it, this time. Liking it better now and seeing some of the same strands of thought he touches upon in Anathem.

- 'El Cuaderno de Maya' by Isabel Allende (amazon link) -I don't think Allende is a top-notch writer in the sense that Borges or Cortázar were. She does have good stories to tell, though, perhaps in the way Lovecraft is not that good a writer either but also has a very good story to tell (in of course a very different way -and a very different story!)

- 'How to Teach Quantum Physics to your Dog' by Chad Orzel (amazon link). It sounds like a good idea and at many points it is indeed an entertaining way to explain those topics but the device often wears thin and gets over-stretched and becomes tired and not-funny. Still very much worth a read. Odd that I bought this as a kindle ebook but now it doesn't seem to be listed in Amazon's kindle shop.

- 'Tauran Warrior' by Lucy Luton, androktone. (amazon link). Written when she was 14 and it sometimes shows but it is entertaining and absorbing and a very good read.
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