Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

bugs,nanobugs, books

After two days of mostly sleep, drinking much water and not being able to eat I seem to be on the mend from whatever it was, either food poisoning or gastric bug. The mess this has introduced in my timetables and income projection for the next few weeks made me ponder, once again, what would happen if I fell really ill.

I still cannot drink coffee! Yesterday it tasted really horrible. Most things did, though. Today it didn't but I could only manage a couple of sips of it. Life without coffee? Is that even possible? There is a reason why I keep two types of espresso machine in my tiny kitchen.

In the meantime, drinking orange juice by the gallon and reading 'Diamond Age' by Neal Stephenson (still not sure what I think of it, the whole Victorian conceit gets a bit much at times) and re-reading Bill Bryson's 'Brief History of Almost Everything', switching between the two as I didn't seem to be able to keep concentration on anything for more than five minutes at a time. Have done practically zero guitar practice. Will try to do my evening lessons today and see how I feel.
Tags: books, health, stuff

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