Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

train of thought

"I'm on the train", as the immortal phrase from the '90s went. Making my way back to London after a strange and short teaching day at school in which about half the pupils didn't turn up -maybe I'll blame it on the sunshine. Or blame it on the boogie. Some sixth-formers had found a big sofa on the street, brought it in onto the grass, were all sitting on it and.. trying to explain all this to the very amused headmaster as I walked past, "What's this?" "A sofa, Sir". "I know what it is....!"

Text message from opticians' chain to go collect my glasses from Central London this afternoon. This is a Good Thing. Without glasses I cannot drive and cannot read music. Without those two things my capacity for carrying out my work is rather impaired.

Maybe the universe and existence have no purpose or meaning but, on a day like this, it doesn't matter. It's beautiful outside. Have a lovely sunny day, folks!
Tags: life, stuff

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