Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

semana santa

Lovely afternoon spent yesterday at Highgate Cemetery visiting Carlitos Marx, Malcolm McLaren and Douglas Adams in the even more lovely company of lovelybug yesterday. We took many pictures, mine will be along on the usual channels within a day or two.

So much better on a Tuesday to get up at 9 than at 5:30 am. But of course I do need the work and in these times I s'pose I should be grateful for having work at all! Especially doing something I love and, I think, I'm good at.

Have had to revise plans to attend Whitby and a couple of other things. Not going to happen, funds are rather scarce -situation better by far than the latter part of last year but still not quite where I'd like. Looking at whether I can go to Infest / DV8 / something else in the summer.

Hadn't mentioned -'Rivet' last Friday was a blast, really enjoyed it. Hope there'll be more.
Tags: life, stuff

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