Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Spent nearly two hours this morning by the car on a slip road off the M1 awaiting the RAC to come tow me away. The electrics in the car were so thoroughly dead that not even the hazard lights would turn on. So I spent some time waving people to move around the car in good time (and I learnt that people don't see what they don't expect to see, including a waving long haired foreigner in a suit on the slip road). It wasn't really dangerous as my being broken down there caused an enormous tail back.. oops... a couple of people shouted insults as they went past. Must have been that I was doing it just to annoy them.

Was also impressed by the battalions of mums with kids -the standard issue scowling mother with bored kid, both looking tiny inside an armoured personnel carrier made by Mercedes Benz.

Cancelled my teaching at school today. Would have been on time to do a couple of the later lessons there but was shattered by then. And now poorer by nearly £350. Oh well. There'll be better days.
Tags: life

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