Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Week end was quite reasonably eventful in a good way. On Friday I went to Black Plastic 4 (only found a MySpace link! does anybody still use this?) which was, for the little while I was there, a very good night. Lovely to see suicideally and chris_damage as well as krius, whose birthday it was.

I left early to catch Departure, but it had been quiet there and closed early.

Saturday brought about the massive Hampstead Alternative Picnic, organised by londonjon. This was very good.. there'll be pictures from me when I get around to sorting, sieving and editing them and bringing them down to a reasonable number (I took more than 600 pics). In the evening there was Reptile, with the presence of lovely lovelybug and ciphergoth amongst many. Sunday was a little more sedate, with a long local walk and some lessons to do.

Today, apart from a creep harassing a friend on Facebook, has been ok, if very busy, apart from an hour and a bit stolen to do some gym/swim, of which swim was good. Tomorrow... oh, tomorrow. 5:30 am start. Eek.
Tags: clubs, friends, life, week-end

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