Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Lovely evening at the Gothsluts meet, at the Shaftesbury Tavern but mostly outside on the front terrace. First time this year I leave the house without a jacket of any kind and only one layer of shirt.

It's been so warm all of a sudden. Makes me think.. not of Caracas, because although it was as warm as this, I was used to it (of course) while I was there. Makes me think of the place on the coast (15 miles from Caracas but CCS is high ground at ~ 1000 m. high) where my sister lived, next to the airport, when she was a customs officer and had to do shifts at the airport asking people to open their suitcases and stuff. It was unbearable for me and I could never sleep when I was staying there. I think it was partly the appearance on my field of vision of the, what are they called, the headlights, say, of the planes on their final approach heading straight towards me. Or the arthritic, gigantic fan in my room that keep stalling and getting stuck at one end of its turning, every time, tak-tak-tak-. And most of all, the humming from the air conditioning in my sister's room. Not, I should perhaps point out, because of the noise.
Tags: life

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