Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

couple of things

Things I'm reading:
- 'Matter' by Iain M Banks. Mostly well written, mostly compelling but some things, developments and most of all the ship names annoy me.

- 'El Cuaderno de Maya' by Isabel Allende. Yep, I still haven't finished it.

- hm... 'Anathem' by Neal Stephenson, again.... I've been sort of living and dreaming in that world (or worlds) for the last six months or so....

Things I'm listening to:

- 'Automatic' by VNV Nation. Yep, I think Ronan got it more or less right this time. I didn't much like his previous couple of releases but there's enough in this one that I really like.

- 'L'unification Des Forces Opposantes' This Morn' Omina. I just love this stuff.

Things I'm going to:

Today I may be going to a concert by the fantastic Chinese classical guitarist Xuefei Yang somewhere in Dulwich. Haven't got a ticket, etc, so we'll see how that goes. Good if I get in, not that bothered if I don't.

Last week ... I saw the Eden House at the Slimelight. The sound was.... what you expect at the Slimelight. It never disappoints because you never expect much. The playing, the show and the new singer were very good and I enjoyed it thoroughly. They're more and more a sort of goth Pink Floyd but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

No idea what I'm doing this summer. Haven't got tickets for any of the festivals, we'll see how things play as they unfold. WGT is always impossible and I'm always planning on going the following year and it is never possible. Whitby in November is a distinct possibility.

Right, out of here now.
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