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Week-end was ok. Missed Reptile but other things happened, apart from the usual flurry of lessons, increased this week-end because of some day/time changes by pupils. On Thursday went to see Jordan Reyne at Bar 12 -she's very good, I enjoyed her gig a lot. Also went to the usual Gothsluts meet, this week at the Penderel Oak in Holborn. On Friday.. went to a minimal Departure at the Elixir. There was pretty much nobody there.

Somebody had mentioned the Penderel as being relatively quiet on week-ends so on Saturday I went back with lovelybug and friends to check it out, as we still haven't decided on birthday celebration pub. This was fairly inconclusive, we may check one or two places more. After that I went to a pupil's gig... with his band in some bar basement in Holborn. A sort of mix of speed metal and free-form jazz that at first jarred and didn't make sense at all and slowly the pieces fall into place and you begin to hear there may be something in it. That was fun.
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