Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

outer spiral arm

Hm. Not feeling fantastic today. Sort of out of sorts and shivery. I thought something I'd eaten hadn't liked me yesterday but maybe it's a bug or sumfin. Had lots of interesting sci-fi-ish dreams which I've now forgotten, all related to the books I'm reading (something of the Culture series by Ian M Banks, which so far is ok but hasn't grabbed me in the way Anathem, say, did).

Weekend was ok. Memepunks were fab, but the only thing with that was that I missed Sys FX. Sunday was mostly guitar practice, reading and lessons in the evening. On Friday I had gone with somebody else to check out a few pubs around Bishopsgate for the flav&jessbirthdaything. In that respect that sortie was fairly unsuccessful. It might turn out a little more difficult than I thought to find a pub on a Saturday in July that is not rammed packed and is not full of football or Olympics. We'll see.
Tags: life, stuff, week end

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