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another wet, grey, muggy friday in june - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
another wet, grey, muggy friday in june
One lesson done. Two lessons cancelled. Shopping, bank errand done. Some more shopping at Italian deli on Brecknock Road in a while. Lesson away in Watford later. A couple of plants repotted. So far zero minutes of guitar practice, must correct that asap. Wonder whether I would have the time (and energy) for a couple of laps at the swimming pool at some point.

Still not entirely recovered from whatever it is I've had, so probably no Rivet for me tonight. Weather looking a bit grim for the Hampstead alternative picnic tomorrow. There is also Invocation and Shenanigans tomorrow night. Can't go to both, hm..... and if I'm still not feeling 100% maybe I shouldn't go to either of them. We'll see. This is flavio reporting from Tally Ho, over and out.

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