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round and round - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
round and round
A relatively quiet weekend. Didn't go to any of the clubs on offer, of which there were many and interesting. May rectify that situation soon but I did need some time and energy to do some guitar practice. All lessons took place, except for one fore-warned cancellation, which is good as the summer looks like it may be a bit quiet work-wise.

Some good little things did happen. Had quite a long skypeconversation with my sister; we both needed to do that and sort out various things. Also went to the Penderel Oak pub to sort out booking for mine and lovelybug's birthday drinks and that went much better and painlessly than I expected.

And now, well, it is a Monday. Again.

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Current Music: 'Tarleton's Risurrectione' - John Dowland - pupil

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