Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

week end so far....

... has been very good, in spite of the rubbish weather. Friday night, after lessons and things, unfortunately missed Partly Faithful's gig but did go to Inferno and spent the night on the dance floor, danced for most of my time there and it was very good... apart from breaking the sole of one of my New Rock boots. Does any of you have any idea about repairing the thing? I already have searched and, as I thought, regular cobblers will not touch them. I already emailed New Rock themselves but of course haven't received a reply yet.

Yesterday, after a couple of lessons, it was nexus_six's awesome birthday BBQ. And not even the fickle weather gods could ruin this, thanks to gazebos, food, drink and excellent company.

Today, a little guitar practice, sorting out photos from various events and now about to set out for more lessons until late.
Tags: week end

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