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Have bought a watch for the first time in many years. And it will be the first time I wear one for quite a few, ever since... I bought a gen. 1 iPod touch back .. whenever that was, when they came out, years and years ago already. It still is true that I don't think a watch is necessary if you always have on you at least one device (more commonly two or three) that tell you the time, but still. There are occasions when it is more handy -argh! more convenient to just raise your hand and look at your wrist instead of pulling an expensive toy like a smartphone out of your pocket. And a £30 Casio is certainly not an expensive toy. I actually like how it looks but it is still a big lump of black plastic with 'Cheap' 'Casio' written on it.

It did take me all of ten minutes to figure out how to change the time, set the home city (it then sets its time automatically), etc even though I had the user guide in front of me. I had to download the .pdf of the damn thing anyway, I can't read that small. Great fun in a slightly spooky sort of way to see the hands moving of their own accord to the correct time when you set it digitally (I'm easily amused, you see). It's supposed to be submersible -will I dare take it swimming with me? Or would that be the end of a short retro experiment?

It all reminds me of that short piece by Julio Cortázar where he recounts his being given a watch as a child, look after it, it is a good make, which condemns him to be careful, to wind it up every day (it was the '50s, cut us some slack), compare it to the other boys' watches in the playground and go and fight over that, and conclude in the end that he hadn't been given a watch for his birthday -he'd been given to the watch for its birthday...
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